The Story Of Our Winery, The Story Of Our Family

These two stories have been intertwining as tendrils since 1742, when Roggero family name firstly appeared in the Albugnano municipal land registry.


The historical memory of our family originates with Evasio Roggero, born in 1850, whose qualities of farmer and administrator, well-liked and active in the community, are handed down. Although living in the countryside, he was a subscriber and regular reader of newspaper when few were used to it. Only two of his eight children remained in Albugnano, including Prospero (born in 1882).


Following in his father's footsteps, he himself planted the first vineyards. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the company boasted 4 days of vineyard (1.5 Ha) and the production of about 7,000 liters of wine, which was then sold to shopkeepers and restaurateurs in the Turin area. The wine production was accompanied by the breeding of livestock and the cultivation of cereals. From father to son, the business passed from Prospero into the hands of his son Mario (born in 1918).


As soon as he returned from the front at the end of the Second World War, Mario devoted himself to his beloved land with enthusiasm and stubbornness, deciding to plant new vineyards as to meet the growing demand and to attract new customers. Thanks to the economic development of the ‘60s and to the increasing popularity of his wines, the volume of home deliveries and also the distance of his customers increased. Mario's satisfaction was great when - thanks to his hard work - he was able to buy a brand new little van!

Bruno e Marco

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Born in 1990, Mauro graduated in Viticulture and Oenology and he represents the fifth generation. From an early age he followed his father Bruno and uncle Marco in the vineyard, learning the trade in the field. After completing his studies, he began to deal with the management of the company, making innovative contributions at a technological and operational level both in the cellar and in the vineyard.

With great commitment and devotion, we safeguard the winemaking heritage of our family and our territory, certain that taking care of the historical and environmental heritage is the right way to excellence.

“Light is the job if it is shared by many” - Homer

We share ideas and projects, and everyone plays an important role in the Company. Bruno follows the administration and the sale, Marco takes care of the vineyards throughout the year ensuring quality productions, and our enologist Mauro takes care of the cellar, where the grapes are guided in their process of transformation.